Some Videos on Youtube of Tony Rivers & me, singing a bit.!!!  

Tony wrote:  “Blimey 1978 'live' on the BBC and a pretty good vocal balance I think, possibly because we sang on just the one mic and so balanced ourselves---- yeah I know that's a bit technical and probably boring too and I didn't mention how nice Cliff looks!!!!LOL

You don't normally get 'religious' stuff posted by me, but I look at it as work,, no matter what the content is if it needs harmonies, let's make sure they're good”

One I’m really Proud of “Bohemian Rhapsody” performed by Me, Tony Rivers, Stu Calver & Ken Gold .Still sounds fantastic even today....

Beatles backed band “Grapefruit” featuring a much younger JP  when I was hitting those high notes !!!  

Wow “Summer Wine” I’d forgotten about this one …. Mike Hurst, Ray Fenwick, Tony Rivers & yours truly recorded some amazing stuff back then. And to top it off I was playing Bass on the sessionbs with my old pal Eric Dillon on drums…. Amazing times…  

The above recorded in Hong Kong on 2 different iPhones & pieced together at Heart Studios, Haywards Heath ….

Had 2 weeks in Hong Kong recently working for St Stephens Society led by Jackie Pullinger.  The first week was to rehearse & prepare for a weekend conference in town & featured the resident worship team & me, plus a  classical music ensemble called Epiphany….

These guys are able to “jam” on their instruments & have the ability to play “personal” messages in music, very unusual …. If you go the website you’ll see some examples… I basically played with the locals & added my voice to theirs in worship songs to Jesus…. We all discovered that the Chinese are not reserved as we are & some lively singing was had…    

Second week included lots of travelling to various Islands, like Lamma & Lantau, teaching some of the disadvantaged boys on the camp to play guitar, outreach into a local park with the wonderful Fiona Gillet on Cello, & enjoying fabulous lunches & dinners with newfound friends …. Lastly I was asked to join the team again (I called them the triads) for the Sunday morning church meeting at “ Kowloon City Vineyard”  where after worship, I shared the song I wrote for Jackie 30 some years ago (seems like in a previous life)  We had 10 minutes rehearsal & here’s what we came up with ….