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Go For it: 2nd home studio offering recorded in 1985

My first home studio album recorded in  1982

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“Be in My Heart” & “Go For it”  were originally available only in Cassette format. “The Story so Far”  was a compilation CD of selections from both albums plus a couple more !! .

Now for the first time each album is available on high quality cdr,with onbody printing- re-mastered & sounding great !!

1) Take me to your Leader

10) Be in My Heart

2)  Ok My Friend

3)  Dear Lord

4)  Only Hope of Salvation

5)  Love all your Life

6)  Livin in your Life

7)  Lord your Love

8)  Take Me Home

9)  Shout and Praise Him

1)  Go For it

2)  O Lord My God

3)  Hold up Your Head

4)  At my Worst

5)  To Be with You

6)  Son of Thunder

7)  El Shaddiai

8)  Deep Calls unto Deep

9)  Since I Met Him

10) He Means All

Oh Lord My God.mp3 Go For It.mp3 Hold up Your Head.mp3 At My Worst.mp3 To Be With You.mp3 Son of Thunder.mp3 El Shaddiai.mp3 Deep Calls.mp3 Since I Met Him.mp3 He Means All.mp3

Below is the Compilation album. Please use the mp3 buttons on “Be in My Heart” & “Go For it” to revue tracks.

The only differences are early versions of “Take My Life” & “Let me Show you”  which were finally produced

for the “Let Me Show You” album.   

(This album is also now released on High quality - Tiayo Yuden CDR )  

1)  Livin in your life

2)  Dear Lord

3)  Take Me to your Leader

4)  Only Hope of Salvation

5)  Be in My Heart

6)  Deep Calls unto Deep

7)  Take my Life

8)  Go for it

9)  Son of Thunder

10) Let Me Show You

11) At My Worst

12) To Be with You

13) He Means All

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6)  Fill me up

1) Let me Show you

2)  Stand up

3)  Kiss of Life

4)  Lift up the Name

5)  Modern Man

7)  Make Me New

8)  Love Came Down

9)  Take my Life

Let Me Show You.mp3 Stand Up.mp3 Kiss of Life.mp3 Lift Up.mp3 Modern Man.mp3 Fill Me up.mp3 Make Me New.mp3 Love came down-01.mp3 Take My Life.mp3

1)  Celebration in the City

2)  Come into the Presence

3)  Forever

4)  Only The Best

5)  Pour Your Love Down

6)  Come into the Quiet Place

Come into the Presence.mp3 Celebration.mp3 Forever.mp3 Only the Best.mp3 Pour Your Love Down.mp3 Come into the Quiet Place.mp3

Heart Records flagship album to date....  

Let Me Show You

a revue from Cross Rhythms

"His recent extended stint singing backups for C1iff Richard in Heathcliffe means John’s profile in the Christian sphere has been slightly subdued. But here he snaps back with an excellent six song EP which demonstrates again that John’s is one of the freshest and most underrated worship ministries to Britain. From the full scale rock praise opener with some torrid electric guitar licks and a joyful atmosphere to the gently worshipful closer "Come into the Quiet Place" this is music which is contemporary enough to appeal to youth while sensitive enough not to grunge up older ears. Why John isn’t recording for a major Christian label, is one of those bizarre marketing peculiarities which permeate the CCM industry. But if you want worship songs crafted with sincerity of heart and sung with passion, search this release out".

(8 squares)

What the Christian Press said:

CROSS RHYTHMS: "Let Me Show You is a creative tour-de-force." (Tony Cummings Issue 11)

"Contemporary, standard-setting Christian rock... John's singing has never been better... This is thinking Christian's rock." (Cliff Doust Issue 12)

ALPHA MAGAZINE: "Showcases a quantum leap in production values and popular appeal." (Dave Roberts Oct 92)

CHRISTIAN HERALD: "A stunning new album, deserves to be a huge seller."

Inspired by the work of Jackie Pullinger-To in Hong Kong, “Let me show you” is my tribute to her. (for more info on Jackie,  check out “Chasing the Dragon” & “Crack in the Wall”  I was then especially pleased to receive this from Jackie & John To  : "We are absolutely thrilled with the new album. It looks wonderful, sounds wonderful and glorifies Jesus."


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This is the first:  



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Track Names

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 PLEASE  NOTE ; For orders from  the UK   £1.00 should be added for  p&p, while Europe is £2.00 (or Euros) & from  further £5.00 ........


For orders from the UK please add  £1.00 p&p,  Europe = £2.00,Further= £5.00 .

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