Aug  2019

After all these years a NEW REMIIXED Grapefruit Album…

It really is …all remixed & Cherry Red Records  even released a limited edition Vinyl version of “Lullaby” produced by Lennon & McCartney, which sold out very quickly…. The result is called “Yesterday Sunshine”

And is generally available from Cherry Red, but also from here…Go to the ALBUMS  tab to order:      

More Info on Grapefruit

And if you haven't bought this yet: '

I thought it might be fun,

seeing as there is a lot of interest in Grapefruit, to write some songs as if we were still together.  So I wrote a collection of 6 new songs written by me and  the occasional good friend co-writer, covering all the usual subjects (ie Love etc) in a modern POP style … Recording at Heart Records once again with friends.  I also thought it would be a grand idea to write a book , or rather a booklet, or even better an e-booklet about Grapefruits time with the Beatles…

So the eBook on has been especially designed to be read while listening to the songs .. In fact the chapter titles are the song titles ... clever huh ...🤔 Anyhow, there are photos of Tony Rivers & the Castaways (my first PRO band) me in Grapefruit surrounded by pop royalty like Brian Jones, John Lennon, Paul McCartney & even the precious Cilla Black. There's a lovely pic of me & Paula Boyd (my girlfriend stolen from Rodney Bewes of "the likely lads") & glorious tales of life on the road in the 60's, also my amazing "Hey Jude" Story, referenced in the song "Best & Worst of Times" from the EP... and lots more all for £2.99 .....Go check it out for yourself

The fruits of my labour can now be found on my new website,  where everything can be downloaded as is the modern way & enjoyed without leaving your armchair !