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Hi & welcome to my Website.

Mike Batt and I have got something in common, we've both realised that we spend way too much time posting on FaceBook at the expense of posting on our respective websites…. The reason  I know this ? I

 saw his comment on FaceBook !!! …

But I am going to address that now so, newsletter updated, some exciting stuff in Heart Studious & some new pictures & gigs on the gig calender … Marvellous  !!!

There’s a new “PHOTO GALLERY” button, where as you might imagine I will be adding, well... Photos,  old & new for your peripatetic enjoyment....  Hover over the Photos Button & you will notice a new VIDEO button.  Guess what,  you will find videos of me & friends, performing for you...  Looking in some cases ridiculously young & tweeting amazingly high notes which now give me a nose bleed thinking about them, but great fun to watch, also samples of VIDEO EDITING done at Heart Studios.  ....

We have NEW LOW PRICES on “Let Me Show You” and “Story so Far”  Also a Gig Guide,

where I will keep you up to date with the latest gigs as they appear

To access hover over the news button & the Gig Guide button will appear...

Cheers JP